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Awarded a Commendation from the Wonju Regional Environmental Office

Date21-06-25 17:54 Hit5,442


On 5th of June, 2021, Mr. Seonghwan Lim, the person in charge of Environment in CJ plant of Miwon Specialty Chemical Co., Ltd., was awarded a commendation from the Wonju Regional Environmental Office in commemoration of 26th Environment Day.

The main achievements of him are as follows:

- The preemptive response to environmental safety regulations has been carried out by performing legal duties and practical management tasks for overall environmental safety, including hazardous chemical safety management.

- The regular training against chemical accident has been conducted to prevent the damage of chemical accident to local residents and active efforts such as sharing the risk of chemical accident and the emergency instruction with local residents has been made.

- Actively participate in and cooperate with the national chemical safety campaign by the Ministry of Environment, and set a good example as a leading company in the chemical safety community of other companies.

- Contribute to minimizing environmental pollution with improvement of environmental facilities such as automation of wastewater treatment and improvement of chemical treatment.
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