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  To be the Global Leader in Energy Curing
To achieve this goal, Miwon strives to provide customer satisfaction through the following strategies:
  • Quality products that meet or exceed our customers' requirements
  • Customer service that ensures a smooth supply chain
  • Innovative products and solutions that help our customers grow their business
  • Top value for the price of our products
  • Reliability in supply
  • Corporate social responsibility

    Our philosophy that will help implement these strategic activities is based on the following three principles:
Management of Customer Orientation
  • Customer satisfaction is the primary value for Miwon's continuous activity. Therefore, based on customer interaction and our technical expertise, we do our best to meet our customers' needs and expectations.
  • We present the best quality products on a consistent basis to support our customers' reputation.
  • We present the best service to our customers, including reliable supply and rapid response to their ideas and concerns.
  • We develop new products and modify existing products to help our customer grow.
Management of Challenges and Creativity
  • To make new products requires the development of new ideas. To develop new ideas requires taking risks of trying new processes and procedures. Not all new processes and procedures succeed, particularly in the beginning. But to be an innovator requires that our people take the risk of generating new ideas that may not succeed. It is, therefore, imperative that our people try new ideas without the fear of failure. We present an atmosphere that encourages our people to be innovative without the fear of failure.
Management of Human Resources
  • We create a work environment in which each employee can feel independence and accomplish their objectives while respecting diverse personalities and rights of others.
  • We promote self-development by encouraging employees to realize self-growth and to live an abundant life in processing business.
  • We treat every employee fairly and give them the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities through their efforts and accomplishments.
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